Pain and determination

Sitting by the bedside of the man I love, watching tears stream down his face, was not the Thursday morning I had planned.  Mark, my amazing husband, had undergone bilateral inguinal hernia repair and had just been settled into the recovery room.  As a healthcare provider, I was allowed to be in the first level recovery with him and soon realized why family is not usually allowed at that time.  He was in a tremendous amount of pain, more than we anticipated and it broke my heart.  Despite the tears and grimacing, he continued to tell the nurse, “I’m ok.”  All the while, he would whisper to me, “go home.”  All he wanted was to be taken home.  His shear determination to overcome the pain he was experiencing was amazing.  The next few days were challenging with trying to control his pain and his stubbornness to not take the medication.  Mark remained determined to overcome his pain and be able to return to work within just a few days.  He even refused pain medication and would only take it when he could no longer bear it.  Eventually, I had to force him to take them just so he could become more mobile.

As I drove into work this morning, I began to think about pain and determination as Christ must have experienced.  When we read about the crucifixion of Christ and the beatings that he endured leading up to that moment, I am amazed at his determination.  Not one time in scripture, do we see that he ever spoke up to defend himself or beg for mercy.  In fact, when they tried to offer him wine mixed with something to ease the pain, he declined it.  He endured the pain with the determination of a King!  This display of strength gives me chills even as I type this.  These last few days with my husband have reminded me of the pain that our savior endured and suffered through, all for US!!  He was determined to fulfill his destiny with as much grace, strength, and “determination” as he could muster.  I am honored to be called the daughter of this KING!

As we go through our week, let us focus on the determination to overcome whatever pains we may be experiencing.  Whether it is physical or emotional, nothing is too big for Christ.  Share your day with Him, let Him in, talk to Him every chance you get.  He has been there!  He understands!

God Bless you all.