“No Fear.”  How many times do you see this logo or hear someone say it.  Do they really mean it?  Can you truly live a fearless life?  Science tells us that fear itself is what gives us the adrenaline we need to survive a threatening situation.  Our bodies were created for this response.  So how can God create us to respond to fear and yet we think we can be “fearless.”  The answer, because God give us the freedom from fear!    Fear is still a very much normal response to many situations.  Only when we allow this fear to choose our reaction, does it become a very real problem.  Living in fear creates anxiety and worry.  With that comes the insecurity that separates us from Christ and allows the enemy to take over. 

Let’s look at Joshua and the Israelites.  Can you imagine marching up to a city like Jericho?  Strong, secure, fortified and a force to be reckoned with.  Imagine the fear of the Israelites just knowing what the Caananites were capable of doing to them.  “But God.”  My favorite two words.  God told Joshua that Jericho was already delivered into his hands – the enemy was already defeated!  We fight FROM victory, not FOR victory!  Every battle we fight, we fight from a position of victory because of the power of the cross and the glory of the resurrected Savior! Halleluah, what a savior!!!  The Israelites were given a very specific and detailed task for overcoming Jericho, not because the act itself was going to change anything (the victory had already been won), but to show their obedience to God and their trust in Him.  Obedience is an act of faith.  We can be fearless in our obedience, because our faith in Christ guides us.

God did not say it would be easy.  The Israelites were called into battle for His glory.  We must be fearless in our obedience because the glory of God is at stake.  You cannot have the crown without the conflict.  We must be willing to be a warrior for Christ.  What God has begun in us, He will finish; therefore, let us run our race of obedience in “fearlessness” for the glory of God!

Ref: sermon by Chuck Gililland; Heb 11:30; 1John 5:4; Phil 1:6