Feeling like a failure

It is easy to take the circumstances of our lives and allow the enemy to use them to make us feel worthless.  The hardest thing for many to overcome is “feeling like a failure.”  September is suicide awareness month and a reminder that mental illness and overall feelings of despair and worthlessness are very real in our world.  Sometimes even those we love and are closest to, can make us feel like a failure, like we are not worthy of their love.  It is difficult to remember that we are not perfect and cannot allow our imperfection to define our emotional state.  It is too easy to say, “I can’t do this anymore” or “I’m just not good enough for …”  I know, I’ve been there.  Staying on track when all you want to do is derail and quit, is the hardest thing to do.  But we have a God that has been there!  He has suffered and walked in our shoes and knows how we feel.  He will never turn His back on us!

Psalm 37:23-24  The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives. Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand.

Deep in the depths of failure and self-loathing, it can be difficult to understand the heart of God. Why would He love me when I messed up so bad? When you fail, not only does God love you, but He loves you enough to hold your hand. Others may desert and disown you, but Jesus is by your side holding your hand. He is not embarrassed by your mess.

I pray that this reaches the heart of those who may be suffering and encourages them to know that they are loved!  No matter what, God loves you!