“No Fear.”  How many times do you see this logo or hear someone say it.  Do they really mean it?  Can you truly live a fearless life?  Science tells us that fear itself is what gives us the adrenaline we need to survive a threatening situation.  Our bodies were created for this response.  So how can God create us to respond to fear and yet we think we can be “fearless.”  The answer, because God give us the freedom from fear!    Fear is still a very much normal response to many situations.  Only when we allow this fear to choose our reaction, does it become a very real problem.  Living in fear creates anxiety and worry.  With that comes the insecurity that separates us from Christ and allows the enemy to take over. 

Let’s look at Joshua and the Israelites.  Can you imagine marching up to a city like Jericho?  Strong, secure, fortified and a force to be reckoned with.  Imagine the fear of the Israelites just knowing what the Caananites were capable of doing to them.  “But God.”  My favorite two words.  God told Joshua that Jericho was already delivered into his hands – the enemy was already defeated!  We fight FROM victory, not FOR victory!  Every battle we fight, we fight from a position of victory because of the power of the cross and the glory of the resurrected Savior! Halleluah, what a savior!!!  The Israelites were given a very specific and detailed task for overcoming Jericho, not because the act itself was going to change anything (the victory had already been won), but to show their obedience to God and their trust in Him.  Obedience is an act of faith.  We can be fearless in our obedience, because our faith in Christ guides us.

God did not say it would be easy.  The Israelites were called into battle for His glory.  We must be fearless in our obedience because the glory of God is at stake.  You cannot have the crown without the conflict.  We must be willing to be a warrior for Christ.  What God has begun in us, He will finish; therefore, let us run our race of obedience in “fearlessness” for the glory of God!

Ref: sermon by Chuck Gililland; Heb 11:30; 1John 5:4; Phil 1:6

Pain and determination

Sitting by the bedside of the man I love, watching tears stream down his face, was not the Thursday morning I had planned.  Mark, my amazing husband, had undergone bilateral inguinal hernia repair and had just been settled into the recovery room.  As a healthcare provider, I was allowed to be in the first level recovery with him and soon realized why family is not usually allowed at that time.  He was in a tremendous amount of pain, more than we anticipated and it broke my heart.  Despite the tears and grimacing, he continued to tell the nurse, “I’m ok.”  All the while, he would whisper to me, “go home.”  All he wanted was to be taken home.  His shear determination to overcome the pain he was experiencing was amazing.  The next few days were challenging with trying to control his pain and his stubbornness to not take the medication.  Mark remained determined to overcome his pain and be able to return to work within just a few days.  He even refused pain medication and would only take it when he could no longer bear it.  Eventually, I had to force him to take them just so he could become more mobile.

As I drove into work this morning, I began to think about pain and determination as Christ must have experienced.  When we read about the crucifixion of Christ and the beatings that he endured leading up to that moment, I am amazed at his determination.  Not one time in scripture, do we see that he ever spoke up to defend himself or beg for mercy.  In fact, when they tried to offer him wine mixed with something to ease the pain, he declined it.  He endured the pain with the determination of a King!  This display of strength gives me chills even as I type this.  These last few days with my husband have reminded me of the pain that our savior endured and suffered through, all for US!!  He was determined to fulfill his destiny with as much grace, strength, and “determination” as he could muster.  I am honored to be called the daughter of this KING!

As we go through our week, let us focus on the determination to overcome whatever pains we may be experiencing.  Whether it is physical or emotional, nothing is too big for Christ.  Share your day with Him, let Him in, talk to Him every chance you get.  He has been there!  He understands!

God Bless you all.

Service opportunity!!

Good afternoon Ladies!!  The ladies ministry at FBC Buffalo Gap is helping to host a fund raiser garage sale to raise money for an amazing young man to go on an incredible mission trip.  Matthew will be going to 11 countries in 11 months to serve and spread the love and word of God.

If you can help or want to be apart of this young man’s journey, come on out to the Buffalo Gap flea market on Saturday, July 15th and find us!!  We hope to see everyone there.  Thanks again for the donations and your willingness to help out.

Be Encouraged

Good morning faithful servants!  I pray that each of you have already felt God’s presence at some point today or have been able to reflect or meditate on His word.  For those of us that hit the floor running, here ya go!!

In this fast paced, self-indulged, immediate gratification world, we can easily become sucked into the fear and anxiousness that we are not enough.  Recently I had the pleasure of having a conversation with a co-worker about practicing gentleness, kindness, and forgiveness as it relates to my work environment.  I proceeded to tell her that while I feel better about the situation and closer to God because of it, there has been a very definite “side effect.”  You see, I work in healthcare so I see things often as either a diagnosis, a disease state, a treatment, an outcome, or a “side effect.”  This side effect just happens to be emotional openness.  I am learning that by being kind and gentle in certain areas, I leave myself open emotionally.  This has resulted in hurt feelings, disappointment, and feeling left out.  While I realize the enemy is pushing every button he can, I also am reminded that God has bigger plans for me and I turn to His word for comfort.

In Joshua 1 verses 6-9 the commands to be “strong and courageous” appear three times with a final command to “not be afraid or discouraged.”  When God commissions us for a task, He specially equips us to meet the challenges that we will face, and that is the reason for encouragement.  We do not face our challenges without God, nor without His assistance.  I recently heard a friend say, “We are always taught as Christians that God will never give us more than we can handle, but I disagree.  Sometimes He gives us too much in the hopes that we will turn to Him.”  I see what she meant by this statement when I reflect upon the promises of our Lord.  We receive encouragement from God’s promises.  We have to live on His promises and not on explanations.  This is why when we step out in faith, trusting in the promises of God, God reveals to us the directions we need as we need them.  (excerpt from my Sunday sermon by Chuck Gilliland).

Be encouraged today my friends!  Know that in order to be successful, we must follow God’s words.  You may not succeed by worldly standards, but you will be a success in God’s eyes, and His opinion is most important.

God Bless you all!

Is it Monday?

Why is it that the day after a holiday ALWAYS feels like Monday??  Even when it’s not?  So it’s the day after…it’s not the 4th of July anymore and yes, we have to go back to work (for those of us that had the opportunity to be off); but I’m up and starting my morning off right.  A little coffee, a protein bar, and my quiet time with the Lord.  #coffeeforyourheart.


It begins!!!  I finally received my copy of #coffeeforyourheart and I cannot wait to dive in!  This will be my go to early morning time with Christ before I begin my day.  Lord I open my heart and gladly share my morning coffee each morning with You!!!